SUN HYDRAULICS Direct-acting sequence valve with reverse flow check(SCCALWV)

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Direct-acting sequence valves with reverse-flow check will supply a secondary circuit with flow once the pressure at the inlet (port 1) has exceeded the valve setting. Additionally, these valves incorporate an integral check valve to provide reverse flow from port 2 (sequence) to port 1 (inlet). The pressure setting of a sequence valve controls the pressure at port 1 relative to the pressure at the drain (port 3).

  • Cartridges configured with EPDM seals are for use in systems with phosphate ester fluids. Exposure to petroleum based fluids, greases and lubricants will damage the seals.
  • All 3 port sequence cartridges are physically and functionally interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size).
  • Although this is a zero pilot flow valve, port 3 (drain) must be connected to maintain a pressure reference in the control chamber. If port 3 is blocked, reciprocating seal weepage will cause the valve to malfunction.
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Flow – 60 lpm

Pressure – 350 bar

Cavity – T- 11A