Eaton Gear Pump (GD5-20-A1-21-TB-TB-R-20)

587.52 ر.س

Eaton Gear Products combine state of the art innovation & manufacturing processes. These products are designed to satisfy global customer requirements for higher pressure, quiet operation, long life & full range of options & features.
GD5 Gear pump is a floating bushing, pressure balanced design with a high strength extruded Aluminum Body, Aluminium or Cast Iron End Cover & Cast Iron Mounting Flange.
The wide choice of Shafts, Flanges & Ports in compliance with all international standards (SAE, DIN, ISO & European). Displacements from5.1cm³/rev (0.31in³/rev) to 24.0 cm³/rev (1.46 in³/rev). Maximum Pressure up to 210 bar (3046 psi). Maximum speed up to 3000 RPM.


Geometric Displacement –  20 cu.cc/rev

Maximum Working Pressure  – 210 bar

Direction of Rotation – Clockwise

Shaft – Straight Keyed Shaft

Mounting – SAE “A” 2 Bolt

Maximum Speed – 3000 rpm



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