SUN HYDRAULICS Fixed orifice, non-pressure compensated, flow control valve with reverse flow check (CWCALIN)

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Vented counterbalance valves with pilot assist are meant to control an overrunning load. The check valve allows free flow from the directional valve (port 2) to the load (port 1) while a direct-acting, pilot-assisted relief valve controls flow from port 1 to port 2. Pilot assist at port 3 lowers the effective setting of the relief valve at a rate determined by the pilot ratio. Backpressure at port 2 does not affect the valve setting because the spring chamber references the vent (port 4).

Other names for this valve include motion control valve and over-center valve.

  • Counterbalance valves should be set at least 1.3 times the maximum load induced pressure.
  • Turn adjustment clockwise to decrease setting and release load.
  • Full clockwise setting is 200 psi (14 bar).
  • All 4-port counterbalance, load control, and pilot-to-open check cartridges are physically interchangeable (i.e. same flow path, same cavity for a given frame size).
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Flow – 60 lpm

Maximum Setting – 280 bar

Cavity – T- 21A