SUN HYDRAULICS Solenoid-operated adjustable relief valve (RVCK-LJN224)

This FLeX Series solenoid-operated, 2-stage, balanced relief cartridge is a pressure regulating valve. The valve is normally vented. When vented (de-energized), the pressure drop from the inlet (port 1) to tank (port 2) is typically 100 psi.Energizing the solenoid activates the relief function. In relief mode, the valve opens to tank (port 2), throttling flow to regulate the pressure when the pressure at the inlet (port 1) reaches the valve setting. The setting is adjustable with an adjust screw.

  • Designed and tested to 10-million operational cycles at full-rated pressure.
  • Exceeds new NFPA test standard T2.6.1 R2014 for fatigue and burst pressure ratings.
  • Higher flow rates than competing valves of similar size.
  • All configurations of this valve include zinc-nickel plating as standard for 1000-hour salt fog protection.
  • Coil connector options offer ratings up to IP69K. See individual coil product pages for details.
  • This cartridge utilizes both 740 Series high-power and 747 Series hazardous location coils.
  • Back pressure on the tank port (port 2) is directly additive to the valve setting at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Main stage orifice is protected by a 150-micron stainless steel screen.
  • Will accept maximum pressure at port 2.
  • All configurations of this valve are assembled with a non-removable adjust screw.
  • FLeX Series relief valves are fully compatible with the XMD Expandable Mobile Drivers from Sun.
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Flow – 95 lpm

Pressure – 350 bar

Coil Voltage – 24 VDC

Cavity -T10A



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