SUN HYDRAULICS Pilot-to-close, spring-biased closed, unbalanced poppet logic element (LODCXDN)

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These unbalanced, pilot-to-close logic valves are 2-way switching elements that are spring biased closed. Pressure at either work port 1 or 2 will oppose the spring and tend to open the valve while pressure at port 3 will tend to close it. The force generated at port 3, plus the spring force, must be greater than the sum of the forces acting at port 1 and port 2 for the valve to remain closed. NOTE: The pilot area (port 3) is 1.8 times the area at port 1 and 2.25 times the area at port 2.

  • These valves have positive seals between port 2 and the pilot area.
  • Because these valves are unbalanced, operation is pressure dependent. Opening and closing of the poppet are functions of the force balances on three areas: Port 1 = 100%, Port 2 = 80%, and the Pilot Area = 180%.
  • These valves are pressure responsive at all ports, therefore it is essential to consider all aspects of system operation through a complete cycle. Pressure changes at any one port may cause a valve to switch from a closed to an open position, or vice versa. All possible pressure changes in the complete circuit must be considered to assure a safe, functional system design.
  • All ports will accept 5000 psi (350 bar).
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Flow – 95 lpm

Pressure – 350 bar

Cavity – T- 11A