SUN HYDRAULICS Free flow side to nose check valve (CXCDXCV)

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Free-flow, side-to-nose check valves are on/off circuit components that allow free flow from the inlet (port 2) to the outlet (port 1) and block flow in the opposite direction.

  • Two-port check valves share the same cavity for a given frame size, however, pay close attention as flow paths may be in opposite directions.
  • These check valves are considered circuit savers for existing circuits where manifold drillings are incorrect. The capacity of side-to-nose (port 2 to port 1) 2-port check valves is approximately 30% less than preferred models with a nose-to-side (port 1 to port 2) flow path.
  • Check valves offer extremely low leakage rates with a maximum leakage of less than 1 drop per minute (0,07 cc/min).
  • Will accept 5000 psi (350 bar) at ports 1 and 2.
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Flow – 60 lpm

Pressure – 350 bar

Cavity – T- 13A