OLAER/PARKER Standard Accumulator Charging Kit (VGU 25/250 8 TS2 3)

Charging sets are used to inflate, check, top-up or vent the nitrogen gas precharge in all accumulators. They are to be screwed to the gas valve or bladder stem and connected to the gas regulator that fits the Nitrogen bottles. They are supplied in a plastic case.

Universal charging set fits most of the hydraulic accumulators available on the market. Maximum working pressure: limited by the maximum operating pressure of the installed pressure limited to 400 bar in any case

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Max. Working pressure : 250 Bar.
VGU universal tester and pressurizer (end M28x1.50)
• Pressure gauge kit from 0 to 25 bar
• Pressure gauge kit from 0 to 250 bar
• Connection adapters for inflation valves (7/8’’ – 5/8’’ – 8V1 – M28x1.50)
• High pressure hose, 2.5 m long, for connecting to a nitrogen source
• Hexagon socket screw key 6mm
• Seal Kit
• Operating instruction in French, English, German


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