Jacktech Suction Strainer (SC3-05 X 1/2″ BSP)

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Jacktech suction strainer are zinc-plated, with stainless steel mesh screens and rugged steel core centers epoxy bonded to the heavy gauge connector and end caps. Suction strainers filter petroleum-based hydraulics fluids, lubricating oil, coolants, fuels and similar applications. They are cleanable and reusable. Clean by swishing in non-caustic solvent, then blow dry from inner diameter to outer diameter with compressed air.

Reusable SS 100 mesh / 149 micron standard. Aluminium die cast nut. Steel cap/support cap. Maximum working temperature 80 degree Celsius. Continuous epoxy bond


Product Features –

Flow – 20 LPM

Connection Size – 1/2 inch BSP

Reusable SS 100 mesh / 149 micron standard

Aluminium die cast nut

Steel cap / support tube

Continuous epoxy bond

Maximum working temperature 80˚c

Suitable for hydraulic / mineral oil