Jacktech Breather (FSB-25)

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This is a combination unit for filtering air displacement from reservoir and for straining oil while filling.  Mounting options include tank top. Displacement capacity is 700 LPM (25C.Ft.Min.) and filtration is to 40 microns.  Air displacement from underneath cap assembly improves performance.  The unit comes completely assembled with internal safety chain and all gaskets and fastners.  The mounting surface prepared as outlined in the sketch along unbroken line, should be free of burrs, flat and clean to provide a good sealing surface  for flange gasket.  For use with Hydraulic / Lub. oil reservoirs applications include machine tools, mobile equipment , industrial machinery etc

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Chrome plated steel cap – vented underneath
Filtration 40 microns standard
Displacement – 700 lpm
Rugged cast aluminium housing (for BM model)
Metal strainer – standard
Hardware includes gasket