HYDAC Standard Accumulator Charging Kit (FPU-1- 400 F 2.5 G2 A3 H)

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The HYDAC charging and testing unit FPU is used to charge accumulators with nitrogen or to check or to change the existing pre-charge pressure in accumulators. For this purpose the charging and testing unit is screwed onto the gas valve of the hydraulic accumulator and connected via a flexible charging hose to a commercial nitrogen bottle. If the nitrogen pressure is only to be checked or reduced, the charging hose does not need to be connected. The unit has a screw-type fitting with a built-in pressure gauge, check valve and a spindle for opening the accumulator gas valve to check the pressure.

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Maximum Pressure – 350 bar

Pressure Gauge Display – 400 bar

The basic version of the FPU-1 is the minimum equipment required to test and set the pre-charge pressure (p0) at the hydraulic accumulator. It comprises the FPU-1,a charging hose and the adapter A3 for bladder accumulators.