EPE Standard Bladder Accumulator (AS-35-P-360-CG01)

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Accumulator is a device used specifically for storage of liquid under pressure. As liquids,for all practical purposes, are incompressible, this objective is achieved by utilizing the compressibility of gases.
A flexible rubber separator i.e.,bladder is fitted into the accumulator shell. An inert gas – nitrogen – is filled into the bladder through a pressure valve to a pressure P . The bladder expands, filling 0 the entire volume V of the accumulator shell. 0 When the system pressure P is higher than the gas 1
precharge pressure P , the liquid enters the accumulator and the bladder is compressed reducing the gas volume toV1. Should the liquid pressure rise to P , the volume of gas reduces to V with an attendant rise in pressure, thus balancing the Liquid pressure.
A potential energy is now stored in the accumulator to be utilized whenever needed.

Material of Construction
Body : Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel.
Bladder : Nitrile(NBR) / Butyl (IIR) /
Viton (FKM) / EPDM ….
others listed on ordering code.
Gas Side : 5/8” UNF / 1/4” BSP /
5/16” UNEF/Vg8 / 7/8” UNF.
Others on request.
Fluid Side : Female Threaded or
Flanged. Others on request.
Paint-CS Accumulators : Externally painted in RAL-5010.
Others on request.

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Design : Seamless / Fabricated shell.
Max. Pressure (PS) : 360 Bar.
Test Pressure (PT) : 1.43 x PS
Temperature range : -20°C to +80°C (Standard)
Allowable pre.ratio (P2/P0) : 4:1
Nominal capacity : 35 Ltrs.
Fluid Viscosity range : 10 to 400 cSt
Recommended viscosity : 32 cSt
Fluid contamination degree: Class 21/19/16 according to ISO 4406:1999
or better on request.